Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Vision: Freeing the South Asian DVD Rental Industry

Dear Movie-lover,

I am extremely excited to announce the "Free DVD Rentals Forever!" service. This is an exciting time for the all fans of Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and the many other *wood film industries in the South Asian market. Soon fans all over the world will have access to all their favorite content. iTalkies, will break all barriers that keep you, the fan, from watching these movies, be it cost, be it availability, be it accessibility.

With the "Free DVD Rentals Forever!", we will make movies on original DVDs available to our customers at no cost. This is unlike any service in the world. There is no duration after which the service will turn into a paying service. There is no requirement to refer friends and family to continue to get free movies. You just simply get free movies! You will get free movies from the time you sign up. We will only stop sending you free movies only if you ask us to.

You are probably wondering why iTalkies is willing to do this?

Well it is because we see a problem in this market. The problem, simply stated is: the DVD Rental business for Indian and other South Asian movies in the US is currently bound by a few shackles. This means that you, the consumer, is not getting the best possible service from the companies servicing the industry. We see these shackles everyday when we find our friends and neighbors downloading or renting DVDs that are pirated. This is because they are not able to find original content readily. Either there are no South Asian DVD rental stores nearby or even if they are there, the rental stores just don't have a large enough collection to satisfy the customers needs.

There is also a low level of trust between consumers and business in this market. Consumers are unable to get service comparable to large American corporations from the providers in this space. Usually this is because the companies servicing this market segment do not have the volumes necessary. Though this is something the consumer should not care about. Thus a lot of businesses and consumers have been hurt in the bargain. Consumers don't get the service they expect. The businesses, on the other hand, usually fold without ever being profitable as they are stuck trying to provide service in a loss leading market. They usually start small, hoping to eventually get sufficient volume to optimize the operation and then enough to meet the customer's service level requirements. Only once they are beyond these two volume levels can they even thing about getting enough volume to actually make a profit.

So what are we going to do about it?

To help bring the Indian and South Asian movie rental industry out of the doldrums, iTalkies is taking a leadership position by offering the "Free DVD Rentals Forever!" service to the Indian and South Asian community at large. We hope the extreme value and convenience of our offering will establish trust for a large number of sign ups. In return, it will provide us the volume required to meet your service needs. In fact, we are confident that it will eventually provide us with enough volume that we will be able to provide service that is much better than what our American counterparts provide. We will also then be able leverage that advantage to provide you with other unique services and features.

The full details of the “Free DVD Rentals Forever!” service plans will be provided once it is launched. Though pre-registrants can be rest assured that the service plans will not have any hidden charges or fees. We intend to roll out our service first in the United States, but we welcome pre-registration from all over the world. I will be monitoring any feedback provided and will do whatever it takes to provide service in areas or languages not currently in our roll-out plan. Please do tell all your friends about our upcoming service, regardless of where they are, so that they can also pre-register for our service. It will help us offer better service to the community as a whole.

For those that have just stumbled upon this post and want to pre-register for our "Free DVD Rentals Forever!" service before its too late, click here.


Shaiwal Singh